Vino Bianco da Uve Stramature


Albana - Chardonnay - Sauvignon Blanc

Alc. vol.


Area of ​​origin

Bidente Valley

Tasting notes

This sweet and elegant wine has an intense golden colour with a bright amber nuance. The nose is rich, long lasting with apricot, honey, almond and dried fig aromas. The taste is very smooth and deep with a strong and elegant body. Great balance where the sweetness is well-combined with its acidity. It has an excellent potential for ageing.

Food pairings

Scroccadenti (traditional crunchy biscuits of Romagna), almond sweets, filled-in cakes, pastries. It should be tasted also with mature goat cheese. Serve at 12-14°C


A character from the epic poem “L’Orlando Furioso”, Bradamante is a Christian warrior symbol of a strong, but also elegant and romantic, woman – like the style of this special dessert wine.

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